Sunday, July 27, 2008

Turtle update ~

Here's the new turtle pond. It's not finished and very temporary. Those guys were just getting to big to live in an aquarium and I was getting tired of cleaning said aquarium. Now they're out in the fresh air, sunshine, and heat, just like turtles are supposed to be.

Here's one checking out who is out here taking pictures!

And here's the other one sneaking up from behind the rock.

It's funny to watch my Golden Retreiver watch them. She just lays on the deck and looks at them like "I wish I could go swimming with you guys".
Now we'll have to get something new in the store to occupy all the little kids. The turtles were great babysitters.


Pam said...


First Jennifer gets a new home and then the turtles. Must be a great time to move!

I'm sure the turtles are very comfortable in their new home.


sherry said...

Do you think Colleen will notice the turtles are gone??? I bet I can guess the 1st thing she will say when she figures it out

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Yes, what are we going to get to occupy Dylan now? I stopped by on Thursday and poor Mike was probably reorganizing the markers and stickles forever. Then on our way out Dylan tried to grab the Acrylic Paints and make a dash.... Definetely need to find something...

carlene federer said...

whoa dude, if I come back as a turtle in one of my life times, I hope I get to live with you!

domestic bliss said...

I did not know you had turtles! I will have to bring the kiddos by to see them!


Tina said...

oh no, in the heat? they'll be turtle soup one hot afternoon..

Judy said...

I'd suggest gerbils, oops!! No I wouldn't!! They multiply like bunnies -- every 4 weeks! Remind me to tell you the story!!!

CeCe said...

Where is Jennifer's new home? She didn't leave that cutest of neighborhoods did she? And, I am mad I never saw the turtles in their old home. Guess I was too busy looking at things I could glue or stick!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Umm definitely no Gerbils Judy. Yes Sherry, Colleen is going to hope they have met their demise.
No Carlene, you wouldn't want to be a turtle. They eat disgusting smelly food. They can't dance, and definitely no partying!
Pam, it's way too hot for moving, unless you're a turtle living in water.
Lindsey, I'll come up with something. Do you think candy will work?
Tina, turtle soup? I hope not!
CeCe, that tells me that I will have to point things out to you. Who knows what you have missed!
And Kristen, bring the kiddos any time.