Monday, December 6, 2010

Here are those beans I was talking about spilling...

The Peddler still has tons of "stuff" that we have moved from AZ to CA. So...we have started a blog where those things will be listed for sale. Some will have shipping included in the cost and some shipping will have to be calculated after you have shopped. We decided to do it this way because after looking at all of the shipping options the "easy"ones seemed really expensive. Your purchases will be boxed in our boxes and weighed . You will be charged actual shipping charges.

So go here and check it out! The Peddler's Corner. Of course, The Peddlers Wife will be posting a few things there too! New items will post daily. And that's a promise. I love that Blogger let's you schedule your posts!

And keep an eye on The Peddler's e-bay sight. He's loading things as we speak. E-bay name is Rjpeddler.

This is the kitchen valance I am working on. I loved the K.C. Willis Collage Camp I joined and I wanted to incorporate her techniques in to this. Still needs work, but I wanted to share!

Pretty rustic country don't you think?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

There's Something New About To Happen...
on this Western Horizon!

I am very excited and will spill the beans as soon as a few kinks are worked out!
Keep watching!