Monday, November 17, 2008

We're home!

Quick trip, no pictures, lot's of driving. We started out Friday morning at Sky Harbor. Boarded the plane and sat...and sat...full flight, no 2 seats to be found together. And we sat. After about 30 minutes the pilot informed us that the plane was not going anywhere due to a computer chip problem. Better to find that out on the ground than in the air. Get off the plane and sit and wait for another plane. Just where do they stash these extra planes? Only took them about an hour and we were back on the plane again. Bumpy flight to Ontario. Santa Ana winds and fires everywhere. Long drive from Ontario to Apple Valley. Rush hour traffic. Good thing Jason knows short cuts! Got to spend a few hours playing with the grandkids and we were off to the motel. Up early and back to the house to pick up Jason to take him to LAX. There were alot more fires burning by then. Freeway were closed. It's a good thing we left early! Dropped Jason off for his 15 hour flight to Thailand. Now we're off to Hollywood to see The Peddlers oldest son Jimmy. He has a place in Los Felizes that is just gorgeous. Up in the hills where the old time movie stars used to live. From there, out to lunch at a real Hollywood outdoor cafe. Great people watching opportunity there. So diverse! From there Jim gave us a great tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, all of the theaters, The Chinese Theater. It was fun, and he's quite the tour guide.
From there we were off to Yucca Valley to see Catie and Adam. About a two hour drive unless you count the time we spent parked on the freeway because of an accident. Made it to Yucca and had dinner with them. The Peddler loved the restaurant but the rest of us didn't. Japanese food is definitely not my thing. Especially Sushi, which The Peddler loved. Yuk! Breakfast the next morning with Catie and Adam at Route 62 Diner. Yumm! I saw someone I had known since Junior High. Boy, did he look old! Can I really be this old? Finished breakfast, said Good-bye (which I hate) and 6 hours back to AZ. I told you it was a quick trip and lot's of driving!

DAM did good. She apparently didn't see the mouse. Maybe he moved out on his own! Maverick is still kicking. I guess you could say all is good!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

And, I almost forgot...

DAM is staying by herself.
The mouse is still at large.
Maverick is still hanging in there.

Might be an interesting few days for her! hehe
Taking a short break...

The Peddler and I are headed to California to see his boys and grandkids tomorrow. Leaving on a jet plane and driving home. His youngest son is going to work for the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi so we will be bringing his truck home with us. He's actually going to see all three of his boys this time. That doesn't happen too often. Hope everyone has a great weekend. The weather is beautiful here!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Looks like...

Cristine has been busy taking pictures. She has her own little studio at home. Boy do I miss these guys!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

To The Peddler! Love you babe!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Better stay tuned...

Cuz there's a mouse in the house, and I don't mean Mickey

I mean this kind of mouse. I've seen the little guy twice but haven't been able to get him. He even has avoided the traps. And, if you weren't reading this blog when this happened, you'll know why I find this extremely amusing. hehe