Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome Wonderful Wednesday!

We have turned into quite the Lovebird haven. Counted at least eight this morning. They must like the new food I bought! Don't you just love the look this little guy is giving me?

Here's a shot of one coming in for a landing. Aren't their colors beautiful?

I could sit here all day and watch these guys but I don't think that will get the kitchen painted will it?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Birds

These two came to visit for almost the whole day today. We usually see them in pairs like these two.

But lately this one has been coming and we've never seen the mate.

Poor thing...doesn't he/she look lonely?

With a name like Lovebird wouldn't you think they would be the friendliest of all species of birds. Well, apparently they are to each other but if you're an outsider, look out! These little guys are agressive!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A house under construction while being lived in...

It all started here in the backyard which is basically done. Please disregard the mess. Everything from the inside of the house is currently in the front and back yard! We've even had people stop today and ask if we were having a yard sale.'s tempting.

Warning...graphic pictures not for the squeamish to follow!

This is the room that we use most of the time. Once the carpet was removed The Peddler thought something didn't look right at the baseboard. He opened up the wall to find mold and termite damage. No living termites since the house was tented before we bought it but those termites had a really good meal before their demise!

The boards that the walls were framed on top of were literally gone. And the studs were like cardboard. Gross!

Here's a 2 x 4 looking at it from the bottom.

Here's the living room in the very front of the house after the wood floor was taken out. We think what's left is the original floor complete with holes that let you look under the house.

Close up of one of the holes.

Now back to the first room. New wall framed in and Mike is getting to work on the drywall.

The Peddler is laying the tile floor.

So wish us luck! Something has to be finished by the end of the day today. It's supposed to rain tomorrow!

Does this serve as a good excuse for being AWOL for awhile? I sure hope so!