Sunday, July 6, 2008

How would you describe your weekend?

I would call mine perfect! It started with decisions. Which color to pick for the bedroom wall? Four choices, that's way too many. But we finally decided on one (it's the third from the left).

And Rick got busy.

And when he was done with that, he got busy outside. His man shed is done, tools are in place, and projects are waiting. This is an antique ceiling tin that we found in Colorado on our last trip. It doesn't look like it now, but this baby is going to be our headboard! DH attached the tin to an old door, built a frame for it, and painted it. After the trim is on it's going to be gorgeous! Just you wait and see!

We've always had dark, antique furniture in our house. We've decided to lighten things up a bit. We picked this furniture up at an estate sale cheap, cheap, cheap! That's why it didn't break Rick's heart to paint it. Painting antique furniture has been a huge no no for him. But here it is! It's painted and scuffed and perfectly shabby for me. The rest of the hardware needs to be put on and inside it's going!

This is the matching vanity minus the mirror. I couldn't get a picture of the mirror without being in it so it will have to wait until it's inside and mounted to the vanity.

This is my project for the day. Joy and Tanya both made the most amazing Bird Blocks! I loved them and made it no secret. Joy was so sweet and brought me blocks to make my own! I am in heaven. I spent the better part of the day working on these and this project is finished. That's so not me. Maybe it's because another project was accomplished this weekend. A shelf was installed in the closet of the guest bedroom/office/scrapbook room. The closet previously held lots of stuff. Stuff that hasn't been touched since we moved here. The clothes were half ours and half Myrna's. If you don't know who Myrna is (aka DAM) read this post. Anyway, DAM is certain that she may, some day, need her puffy, quilted, fur lined, hooded jacket again. That's fine. She just has to find a place to keep it in her part of the house. Needless to say, that created another project for DH. A new closet was created. A shelf was installed and all of my scrapbook stuff is where I can find it. Hallelujah! I can finally create something! Enough about that, here are my BIRD blocks!

I love them! And that's part of why my weekend was perfect! Thank you Joy for the blocks! And thank you to Joy and Tanya for the inspiration!

Here's a few pictures of the different sides of the blocks.

So, that's my perfect weekend! How was yours?


Garden Girl said...

Oh, Kim ~ I l-o-v-e they way your birds on blocks turned out! So clever with your little descriptions!
You guys sure had a busy, productive weekend ~ can't wait to see that headboard and how everything looks all together. You've got some great pieces there and that is a wonderful shade of green.

Oh and ring the bells! Tomorrow officially ends the Tanya and Joy spending hiatus! Woo hoo!

My Three Sons Designs said...

Love that headboard! What a great idea. And I love the color you picked for the room, gorgeous. I'll have to come see it when it's all's extreme home makeover weekend on robson st :)

Lindsey Michaelree said...

I absolutely LOVE the headboard, I am so Jealous! Love the blocks too, hey is that your handwriting on the is so pretty!Glad you had a great weekend.

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Way to go, Kim! We are all bird-brained broads(or is that babes?)now. They turned out great and will look just lovely in your new boudoir. Can't wait to see the reveal(yes, I watch too much HGTV).
And like Joy said, the month of torture is almost over...see you soon.

Kim said...

hey when he's done send him over here! i have plenty of things that need to be done! :) love the headboard! i'm sure it will all look wonderful when it's done!

sherry said...

Man, you had one busy weekend. Lots accomplished. I love the headboard and chest and vanity. They are beautiful. The blocks are so cute. Glad you had a good weekend

Paris Cowgirl said...

I so wish the handwriting was mine! It's actually a set of stamps that we will be carrying in the store soon!

Maija said...

It's all beautiful, Kim!! Your birds are gorgeous!
I'm looking for some cool, smallish vintage suitcases for storage in my studio. Any suggestions of where I could find some (at a reasonable price)

Tina said...

Love the bird blocks!! and the new headboard is going to be awesome!!

JWood said...

glad you had a great weekend kim! you deserved it!

Jack & Cat said...

Very, very cool.I really love this post. I need to move to Robson Street.

Judy said...

Great post!! Absolutely love that closet!! And I was thinking of taking the doors off of my closet for easier access to the shelves! Perhaps I won't, now. Also those blocks are wonderful! You did a great job on them. And I think you really needed, as well as deserved, the weekend to do things for Kim!! You go girl!!!

High Desert Diva said...

Your bird blocks are cool!

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