Friday, July 18, 2008

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It won't let me put my text where I want it so this will probably look very strange.
We took a little vacation and went to California to visit 2 of our grand kids. They were camping at Mohave Narrows, which is an oasis in the middle of the desert. The photo above is Grandpa and Dean getting ready to fish.

Taylor was more interested in the fish food than fishing!

Dean is all boy and had a great time playing with the worms.

I think they spent more time untangling the fishing line than they did fishing. They only caught one little blue gill and a shoe!

I know that camels belong in the desert but have you ever seen camels with a bunch of horses?
They seemed pretty happy with their living situation.

We had a great weekend and Grandpa got to do alot of this!


Tina said...

looks like alot of fun was had with the grands!! We have our grands this weekend!

Judy said...

Great pics!! Great time!! Aren't grandkids the best??!! What a cutie pie Taylor is!

sherry said...

Great pics Kim. Don't ya just love little boys and how they love their bugs and worms???
See ya soon