Monday, April 12, 2010


Mason is back under General Anesthesia right now. They are placing a PICC Line and doing another MRI to figure out where to go from here I guess. His pediatrician at the Army Post sent Cristine an e-mail and did acknowledge that she diagnosed this before they even sent him to Denver. The wonders of google! Not that this is anything you would ever want to think your child would have we did talk about it after reading up on it. It is still not completely categorized as a "Potts Puffy Tumor" but it is the closed thing they can come up with since they have never seen it in someone so young.

Cristine says Mason is grumpy, and who could blame him. He's just not the snuggly little guy that she knows. He is basically mad at everyone and everything. He just wants to "go home!" Love you Cristine, Gale, Mason, and Dylan.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

So sorry to hear. But glad they are finally acting, and not poo-pooing the whole situation. I think doctors need to realize that sometimes the parents are their best allies in figuring out whats going on! Best of luck to little Mason. My thoughts are with you all!

Chia said...

I'm so sorry that your little man is grumpy. This is so much for the little guy to have to deal with or understand. Grumpy is a good thing though, you've got to have a bit of your old energy and spit fire going to muster up a good grump ;-) I'll cross my fingers and hope that while the docs are trying to figure it out, his little body is working hard and will bounce back quickly.

Michelle said...

My daddy says that is why they call it "practicing" medicine. Well listen up docs this litte guy doesn't want to be practice on! Sending well wishes to Lil Mason and entire fam.