Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Orchid Tree

When we first moved into this house the orchid tree in the front yard was huge. The Peddler hated it because it completely blocked the house. So, in true Peddler fashion he cut it down. It was sad but it did really show the house much better and since the plan was to sell this house we had to go for the curb appeal. Long story short, the house didn't sell so we moved into it. And the orchid tree started to grow back. We have trimmed it and kept it a manageable size but it never bloomed. I figured we had shocked it too much when we practically ended it's life. This is the first year ever that it has bloomed! Look at how beautiful that flower is. And there are tons of buds on it. I guess we can thank mother nature for teaching us that here in Arizona things need more water than we think. Thank you rain, and mother nature!


CeCe said...

Oh how pretty-
Not too sure I would have been able to let The Peddler cut down the tree. Big old trees are a favorite of mine. They give such character-
My dad, over the years, cut down a Magnolia tree, which was gorgeous, and two Shamel Ash trees. I cried every time. He thought we should cut down our big pecan tree in our front yard--The Pecan Grove was the reason we bought the lot!!!
Anyway, I am glad the tree is thriving again and yes, I am sure Mother Nature did her part this year for a lot of spring beauty.

Judy said...

Pretty blooms! Glad it recovered enough to give you a treat like this!