Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Photos

This is Mr. Merlin the hawk that has been hanging out and terrorizing my bird feeder. Luckily I think the Love Birds are too big for him. So far I have seen him only get one tiny bird. It was so sad, but I know the whole "circle of life" thing.

This sweet Love Bird visited for a long time this morning. I think he is getting more used to me and lets me come closer now!

This is what has been keeping me so busy! The more remodeling The Peddler does, the more painting I am doing. And trust me, I wasn't smiling the next day. Who knew painting involved so many dormant muscles!

This was this mornings estate sale find and it fit perfectly into what was our old, boring pantry. Of course, this means more painting, but I love it!

Look at the old wallpaper we found under many coats of paint when we took the old baseboards off. What year do you think it is Jennifer? She is my inhouse wallpaper professional.

This has become a new space that I have taken over. I love it because I can look right into the backyard through the new window The Peddler put in. This room is so nice and bright now!

And this is what I see when I look out of that window! The patio furniture was another estate sale find and it was just what we were looking for. It even has a swing that didn't show up in the picture.
Our weather is beautiful here. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


Chia said...

Lots of great photos! I always enjoy the bird pictures, love the blue cabinet you found, and really love your new space. It is so calm and inviting.

Judy said...

Oh my! Love the panty cabinet! Love the back yard! Love the wicker furniture! Is my invite in the mail yet???

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

You are making tremendous progress! LOVE the blue cabinet! Love the love bird, too!

The Princess said...

That is SO pretty!!! I love the pictures that you take very vivid