Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Jayce Update

Seems Jayce is having troubles with Jaundice so he hasn't been released from the hospital yet. Catie was discharged yesterday but is camped out at the hospital with her sister and the baby. I'm so glad they don't make her leave him and just come in for visits. He is eating good, sleeping good, and acting like a normal little guy. He's just a little yellow around the edges. They have him sleeping in a little bed with the lights underneath him. It's like a little velcro sleeping bag. It's a good thing it's warm because it is freezing in that room and he can't wear anything but a diaper and his baby lo-jack on his ankle! If he is sleeping on his tummy he has to wear a little mask over his eyes. A little beauty sleep mask for him! They are hoping the pediatrician releases him today since he was down to a 10 but if not, better to be safe than sorry!


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Sorry to hear. But the lights usually work really well, and pretty quickly. So hopefully everyone will be home soon!!

André said...

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