Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oooooooops! I've been MIA

And really for no good reason. How's that for admitting laziness? Maverick is still hanging in there. The Steroids are keeping his appetite up. So much that he decided he would try bird seed. Yup, he's poopin birdseed! Now that's a visual.

The Peddlers son who has been in Iraq for the last three years has been here visiting. Oh, I guess that's what has been keeping me busy. He's got so many stories to tell. He also traveled to Thailand many times, New Zealand, and Egypt. His next job takes him to Vietnam working for the U.S. Embassy. This guy loves to travel! He'll be heading to California on Friday to visit the rest of his family. I think he has about a month before he leaves for Vietnam.

So, that's it. A little update of sorts.


Inside The Bungalow said...

I was wondering about your chickens! Are they coming soon?

carlene federer said...

Glad Maverick has his appetite back, lol! Good luck to your step-son, and like that cute "bungalow" girl poster, am wondering what up with the chickens??? Enquiring minds want to know!

Garden Girl said...

Good for Maverick! My little dog, Reggie, God rest his soul, once ate some pink Tums. Needless to say I had little pink poos all over my yard.
And yes!! We need Chicken Updates!

Road Trip With Ruby said...

You're going to have several random patches of weeds in your yard. They've already been well fertilized! Gotta love that old boy!