Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not Much Posting Going On Around Here...

But here are some photos of what we've been up to for the last month.

We camped here on the California coast. This was taken from our camp spot. You can't much closer to the beach that this. It was beautiful!

We saw lots and lots of these every day!

The dogs loved wrestling on the beach.

Roxy loved the water. She would stick her whole head in and eventually got brave enough to head out into the waves.

We went to a ton of yard sales in this. Anyone know what this is? It sure did get alot of attention!

We visited the Cornell Winery. This greets you at the door.

We ate here. This is called "The Old Place". Rick has talked about it for years and he finally took me there. Loved it!

It's really small inside so get there early. There are only five booths and they were all reserved. So, we sat at the bar!

This bar to be exact!

This wayward picture of the winery wouldn't cooperate so this is where it is staying! Maybe it had too much wine. haha

We found an air show to stop by at.
This was simply called "The Wind" and was really hard to get a decent picture of.

Rick and his longtime buddy Dave.

This is a C130. This is just like the plane that Rick flew to Antarctica to when he worked there years ago.

And this was today's lunch. Avocado, tomato, cilantro, chicken, and a squeeze of lime!


M said...

The yellow car. Is it a VW Thing?

Paris Cowgirl said...

It sure is Marissa. Only made in '73 and '74. I think Dave has had this since then!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Yep. It's a VW Thing alright. I have a friend who has one. Looks like you're having a great time you two!

Michelle said...

Oh Kim the pictures are wonderful! Looks like you are having a great time. Roxie just fits right in. I love her precious expressions.

eclectic archivist said...

My dad flew C130s when he was in Vietnam back the early 1970's.

Your beach pics look wonderful!

CeCe said...

Loved seeing what you have been up to the past month. I have not been visiting much so I was almost glad I had not missed much ! We were in Pismo beach last month -- love almost any beach and hearing the ocean waves ! Cute, cute, car !

Anonymous said...

You ARE really BUSY! I tell ya, know wonder you don't want to be in the AZ anymore.

Stacey in Ca. said...