Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Few More Before and After's

I didn't get a good start on this part of the house. This is after The Peddler had started on the hallway. You're looking straight on at the laundry room on the right and linen closet on the left. There was nothing here before except for a hole.

This is looking down the hallway now. Far right door is the furnace. Middle doors, washer and dryer, last door is the linen closet. Door on far left is the bathroom, and on the other side of that is the bedroom.

This is the closet/second bedroom before. This was one big room that was made into two rooms separated only by some paneling. The walls around the cedar lined closet had apparently been torn down for more room.

This little space is just off the closet and will be the office/craft room.

Another shot of the horrible shape this house was in.

Missing cedar in the closet.

New enclosed walk in closet.

New cedar and some custom made Peddler shelving. Hmmmm smells so good in here now.

Old wall separating the two bedrooms. Had to move the electrical (if you can call it that) before the wall came down.

Lovely blue paneling and window that only opened by dropping down.

Beginnings of a new bedroom. Still has the old window. There also used to be the same kind of window on the far back wall of the room.

Almost finished bedroom with new window. Excuse the mess, The Peddler's brother is here helping and we could offer him only the best of air mattresses and patio furniture. But hey, at least we now have cable. I don't we think we could have got him to come without that. It is football season afterall!Old, disgusting bathroom complete with water heater.

Midway bathroom. The water heater has been relocated.

New tub, tile and vanity!

That's it for now. We've got the kitchen to do, cabinets to install, flooring to put down in the kitchen and livingroom and walls, ceiling, and beams to paint. We're getting there!


CeCe said...

Looks like you are really, really, really busy ! Isn't it so much fun to see the progress of turning disgust into clean and happy? ! Are you lucky or what to have such a handy peddler????!!!! Keep taking those pictures.

Tina said...

Everything looks great! You guys are doing a wonderful job. How fun!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Your new home is shaping up nicely. Too bad you'll be so far away. We'll miss you!

artwhisper said...

Lot's of changes going on. I'm enjoying the process with you. Thanks for sharing Kim.

Hugs, Karla

Judy said...

Lookin' good!! Vast improvement! Cedar closets are the best smelling! I am going to miss you!

Pam said...

WOW you have been busy people. Everything is "looking good". What an undertaking. I'm sure you will feel at home there.

eclectic archivist said...

The Peddler IS the magic man!!!

Stacey in Ca. said...

The house looks like it's coming along GREAT!! LOVE the cedar lined walk-in closet looks SWEET!! Wanna come over and line mine for me?? LOL!! Next weekend would work out fine for me!! :^P