Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Passport In Hand

The trip to L.A. was great. Nice conversations and yes, he was a complete gentleman. We stayed the night and got up super early in the morning to hit the government building to get in line for my passport. I did say, stayed the night. Same room, separate beds believe it or not. We had a nice dinner, I think it was Chinese again, but no fortune cookie that said anything memorable. And, he planned! There was a little cooler with 2 Coors Light for me and 2 Bud Lights for him. Just right. We sat in the balcony and watched all of the planes come in to LAX. In three months that would be us coming back from Paris!

Once I had decided to go with him the reality sat in. This was a corporate affair. No rodeo clothes here! What was I going to wear? Luckily I worked in an office full of fancy dressers. It was a dental office, and I of course, being a chairside assistant had nothing but scrubs, oh, and wranglers. My co-workers came to my rescue and fixed me up with all of the necessities!

Next dilemma was what to do the the kids. Carly to the rescue! She was dating a friend of mine and was the perfect one. Mature, fun, responsible. Looking back I can't believe I left them! They survived, but unfortunately my cedar chest didn't. Cristine carefully disguised the part that her dog chewed up with a blanket, but I still found it. That's another story of Mr. Paris to the rescue.

So, the Paris countdown was on. We continued to go to lunch, I regularly got cold feet and told him there was no way I could go. He continued to tell me all the reasons I should go. As the departure date got closer he started calling me every morning and asking if I was still going. It got to be funny. Here he was traveling all over the United States and he would still call me and ask if I was going.

Looking back, I really felt like Pretty Woman, well except for the hooker part! I would have never dreamed in a million years that I would be getting on a plane with a man and flying to Paris!


CeCe said...

Kim, can not tell you how much I am enjoying reading this story. I was almost scared to check today to see if you had posted. I was so happy I was not sad. I got to read another segment!

sherry said...

Love the story can't wait for the next part

Garden Girl said...

Wouldya get on that plane already??

My friend Nathalie in France is
also following (and enjoying)this little story. She said to tell you that you have a fan in Paris. :~) How 'bout that?

Her Vintage Stage said...

I am inthralled in the pages of your book. So romantic.

My Three Sons Designs said...

Are we still talking about the guy across the street? :)

Paris Cowgirl said...

Amazing isn't it Jen? Remember that was almost 14 years ago!

CeCe said...

Where is the next segment?! I came to read the next chapter and the book will not open.