Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cleaning Out The Scrap Room

This project has been a long time coming, but I finally decided that I need to do some serious cleaning out and rearranging of the "scrap room"!

The Peddler always finds cool antique things that I can't part with right away so I find a way to incorporate them in my room for storage. That is until the next cool thing comes along and I have to make room!

So, this antique, turn of the century postal cabinet has to go. It is made from mahogany wood.

Stands 6' 8" tall, it is 3'5" wide, and is 10" deep

Inside there are 48 cubby holes that are 10" tall, 4 1/2" wide, and 9" deep.

I stored so many supplies in this and it was a great way to hide them. Close the doors and the mess is gone!
We are asking $400 for this.

Next to go is this Oak antique filing cabinet. Recently refinished. Made in the 1920's. Made in New York by Glarke & Baker Co. Dovetailed, with wood drawer slides. Stands 4' 3" tall, 29" deep, 17" wide. It is missing the brass book plates on the front of each drawer but we have them on order. All drawers slide perfectly.

Dovetailed drawers

Wood drawer slides work smoothly

Asking $400

Last is this shelving unit from Mystic Paper. It's laminate and while not in the most perfect of condition it stores 12 x 12 paper perfectly! I kept it inside the closet and it fit perfectly!

Stands 5'6" tall, 3'6" tall.
Has 45 cubby holes that are 13" wide and 4" tall.

Just leave me a comment if you are interested in any of these pieces!


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Only wish I had the room you guys!! LOVE the postal cabinet and the file cabinet!

Cailen said...

I would be interested in the $50 paper cabinet if you haven't sold it yet. You can email me at dmint@hotmail.com Thanks.