Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Post I Have Been Hesitating To Do...

Mostly because I think a lot of you will question our sanity. Including my oldest daughter, who probably starting questioning it along time ago!

This is the little beauty that we have invested in. This is the new casa Joh
nson in it's very beginning stages.

It came with this little beauty, plus a 5th wheel trailer, and an old Ford truck. These have all been hauled away needless to say! The neighbors cheered when this motorhome left. It's what they could see right out their window.

This is the bedroom after a few of the "makeshift" walls have been taken out. Don't you just love the color!

The cedar is going to stay and become the walk-in closet. The window that you see is being replaced. That is literally just pieces of glass that someone put in.

This window is being replaced too. This one drops down to open. No screens. How do people live like this?

This is the existing kitchen. We still haven't figured out where they had the refrigerator. The window over the sink will come out and be replaced. The sliding glass door that you can sort of see on the left will be replaced with French Doors. All of this inside walls are coming out. There isn't s shred of insulation behinds the paneling. Everything in the kitchen will be gutted and thrown out.

This will become the office/craft room. And yes, this window is being replaced as well.

This is the "blue" room in it's current state. Insulated, drywalled, and several coats of Kilz. This picture makes it look small but it really isn't. Notice one of their clever drop down windows is already gone.

This is the hallway to the bedroom and bathroom. These spaces will be come a linen closed and washer/dryer. Directly across from this is the lovely bathroom. Please say that with dripping sarcasm!

This is the bathroom after some of the gutting had taken place. I spared you the gross toilet and the pink bath tub.

This is the new tub/shower and some new drywall. Rick is laying the tile right now and the new toilet is in and working!

This is the beginning of our new adventure! But, you know what, this little beauty is paid for! It's got lots of land, over an acre. I'd say that's plenty of room for chickens and a garden.

So, what do you think, are we insane!


Sandy said...

This looks like fun!!!!!! It looks liek you have dove in with both feet! Good for you! Can't wait to see it done....hos much land do you have????? Is there goign to be horses???? :):)
I do not think you are insane, but take your time.....don't let it make you crazy! :):) Sandy

Chia said...

I don't think you are insane. I think it is wonderful that you've found something to be excited about. This sounds like you are one of the lucky ones who is able to live out a dream. Good for you!!

Tina said...

How fun!! Very happy for you! Good for you for taking that step and venturing out. You aren't crazy at all...just livin' the dream!

CeCe said...

Alright, girl--this is what I have been waiting on ---
Now I want the story behind it ---
Because of children there???
Keeping place in Mesa, I hope???
Have done this project more than once and it is so worth it ----- once it is done---- smile.
Enjoy making it Yours --
Oh yes, you might want to look at the sliding glass doors with the mullets inside the pains of glass to make them look like French Doors but they operate at sliding doors. I was definitely having French Doors but when I saw the doors described above and realized how much floor space it saved by not having the doors open out --- I went for them and I Love them --- screen doors built in so doors can be open. Just a thoughtl

Judy said...

I must say I am impressed with the progress so far! Thumbs up!


Diane said...

OH my gosh, I am loving your blog! I can't wait until it's all done...I don't think your insane at all, very creative!