Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Highlight Of My Colorado Vacation

I got to take a little side trip to the Lipstick Ranch Studio of KC Willis. It's in a beautiful little town that is just as quaint as KC's Studio.

Just look at this cute victorian house!

This is one of her fanstastic collages that greet you at the front door.

And here is KC and her side kick Fiona.

KC working away at her sewing machine.

The piece that just had to come home with us. Her husband Logan makes all of her frames. He's quite the talented guy!

Alot of you know that I took KC's online Collage Camp class. It was well worth taking and visiting her in person was the icing on the cake. What a doll! I highly recommend her classes as well as a visit to her studio. And she is doing retreat classes at her studio now as well as online classes. I hope that Judy and I get to take a road trip to Colorado for a class in her studio next year!


CeCe said...

You lucky duck you--or should I say you lucky cowgirl you!

Pam said...

How exciting to that you were able to visit her studio.

Judy said...

Great photos, Kim! Lucky duck!! I hope we can do a road trip up there for a workshop!!

sherry said...

wow kim
how lucky you are to have been able to visit the studio.

carlene federer said...

Dude, when were you in colorado? i was there last week too, we shoulda hooked up! id of taken u out to dads to go riding!

My Grama's Soul said...

I have been following KC's blog. She is so talented. You were so very lucky to go to her art camp. Hopefully you will see me there in future years.