Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jennifer is moving

into this house which is...

Right next door to this house. Which happens to be Casa Johnson.
And do you know what I'm thinking is the best part of that?

Jennifer doesn't own dogs so I'm thinking we can co-own one of these.

Actually I would like it to look like this.

And fill it up with these.

And then we can have a few of these.

And hopefully someday they'll look like this. Full of veggies.

Should I let Jennifer have any say in this? I'm thinking she will just go along with it, don't you?


sherry said...

Absolutely brilliant idea!!! And Tucker could be in charge of chicken chores and Jennifer in charge of harvesting the veggies and and and then you could have an egg and veggie stand on the corner. Brilliant idea you have

Judy said...

That is without the doubt the fanciest hen house I have ever seen! And I have seen a few!!

Ditto on Sherry's distribution of chores for all of you.

CeCe said...

I am just sure Jennifer will cooperate!
I am positive Tucker will.
I want the raised veggie gardens!
Are you going to have a rooster too?

Paris Cowgirl said...

No Roosters! They don't make good neighbors.

Paris Cowgirl said...

No Roosters! They don't make good neighbors.

Road Trip With Ruby said...

That will be a blast for you two to be neighbors. How fun. BTW, I'm bringing my crafty niece from MN in to see you on Tues. She can hardly wait to see the store I've talked so much about. It's been so long, you might not even remember me :( See ya then!

eclectic archivist said...

Congratulations on your hen house and veggie garden...should I post the same comment on Jennifer's blog...or doesn't she know yet?

Anonymous said...

Well, I know now! I would consider some of that fanciness.

Anonymous said...

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