Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What did I do today????

Well, I did play hookie from the store. I stayed home alone in the morning. Just me and the dogs. It was quiet. Do you know how strange it is after 6 years of having someone in your house 24/7 to have it be quiet. I checked my blood pressure and it is almost back to normal. Funny how stress can do that to you!

For starters Buck and I have been working very hard on potty training. No accidents since yesterday! Yeah! Do I think he's completely trained? Probably not but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Took both dogs for a nice long morning walk and plan to go again this evening. Buck sleeps much better after a little exercise.

Picked oranges. Tons of oranges. I'll be bringing some with me to Mystic Paper so if you need a few oranges stop by.

The renovation of our newly added living quarters have begun renovation. DAM's old bedroom is going to become the office/ebay room. Finally there won't be any odd ball ebay items hanging out all over the house. The only problem is that the room has a super skinny door way in to it. This room actually used to be a garage. Probably a Model T judging by the size of it. The Peddler measured the computer desk at least 10 times and says there's just no way of getting that desk in to that room. So, being The Peddler plan B went into action and a desk is being built inside the room. Mr repurpose everything is using this for a desk top. This was DAM's coffee table that her husband built her years ago. That is a map of Catalina Island in the middle. It is actually an old boat hatch. DAM loved Catalina Island. They had a boat and went there quite often.

These are the monster legs he cut for it. Painted them black. Yuck! He says it's a new man cave and he wants masculine colors. Whatever! I left when he mentioned the foos ball table and the keg.

Here's the room. See how tiny it is. He did paint the walls a nice green.

I watched alot of this action going on. Buck just doesn't get it that Abi is not his personal chew toy.

Jumping and biting. His favorite activity.

And heeling, because that's what Queensland Heelers do!

And the stains on the carpet are from DAM not the dog! Must get the carpet cleaned before we turn this into the TV room. Can't wait. That side of the house is always much cooler.

So that's my day. And I loved it! Need to do this more often. Hope your day was good!


Judy said...

Good for you!!! Glad to see that things are progressing nicely!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

So happy you enjoyed the peace! And renovations!! That looks fun!! We had our carpets cleaned yesterday AM - still damp this morning..... but clean!!

Anonymous said...

It's so cut that he LOVES the Abbster.

Cecelia said...

How fun to have a whole new space to use!