Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How did your morning start?

Don't you love it when the phone rings at 6:00 A.M. It just can't be good and with having a son still in Iraq it really startles you out of a sound sleep. Fortunately it wasn't Iraq. It was however, the alarm company that monitors Mystic Paper. Out of bed, into clothes and out the door. When we got there we found nothing. Doors locked and nothing disturbed. We went inside and checked the alarm. The motion detector had been tripped but there was absolutely nothing around it. I'm thinking a moth. Yea, that's it, a moth. Back in the truck for a quick drive to the back of the building to find a police officer writing up his report. He didn't find anything either, but he did tell us that we don't have a permit for the alarm so we are being fined $50! Just another happy wake up call.

We left and Rick decided he needed a jolt of coffee, but what's open in downtown Mesa at that time of the morning? Well, let me tell you. Inside The Bungalow is open and brewing up some of the best coffee ever. And they provide entertainment! Betty and Carrie are absolutely hysterical. We spent the next 30 minutes catching up on all of the goings on in our little downtown. I haven't had a good laugh like that in awhile. So, if you come to our little downtown and need some healthy nourishment, a good cup of coffee (and they do have the fancy stuff.
Not being a coffee drinker I don't know the names.) and a good laugh stop by and see them! It made my morning alot better!

Have a great day!


Lindsey Michaelree said...

It was probably the ghosts!

[Charlene] said...

So sorry to hear this. You made the best of though. Bravo!

JWood said...

HA! My first thought was also the ghost(s)! I guess great minds do think alike! Sorry you had a long day Kim, time to RELAX this evening!

carrie said...

We need to start our mornings out like this more often! Thanks for the laughs & coming by for coffee. Next time, we'll come by for paper & maybe get to meet Joe:)

CeCe said...

Learning about you and yours. Did not know you have a son in Iraq.Not fun.
Guess a lot of us know about the ghosts!

Judy said...

The ghosts in the store were "tripping the light fantastic" for the day! Sorry about that early morning wake-up! But, you did have a nifty morning after that "rude" awakening!

Tina said...

Didn't know you had a boy over in the Sandbox..prayers for him!! I know just how you feel about the phone ringing at 6am!! Sux about the fine..they want money for everything..don't fart..they'll want $$ for that too!